A Review on Staying in Alsancak for Izmir Travels


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Suppose you are coming to Izmir for a business trip or a romantic trip and are looking for a place to stay. In that case, Alsancak is a suitable place for your accommodation.

Izmir City

The Pearl of the Mediterranean, İzmir

This title is written on the ball in the pool right across the Izmir Fair entrance in the Basmane region of Konak district. İzmir is the pearl of the Mediterranean.

In general usage, the Aegean Sea, which is an inland sea, finds expression more frequently. The Aegean Sea has magnificent bays and natural beauties, as the mountains extend perpendicular to the sea. Besides, it is an essential region as it stands between us and our neighbor Greek. Turkey is host to a variety of nature's beauty and the Greek islands of the sea.

We can say that İzmir is the most critical city in the Aegean geography. According to the 2020 population figure of 4,367,251 in Izmir, Turkey's most populous city and care in 1 of 3 large population

is the city. It also makes Turkey's most important export port on the host. They are also sister ports with the Miami port. 2nd

Also, there are many cities among the sister cities of Izmir. These are:

  • Long Beach (USA)
  • Tampa (USA)
  • Bremen (Germany)
  • Baku (Azerbaijan)
  • Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Nicosia (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)
  • Gazi Famagusta (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)
  • Havana (Cuba)
  • Tianjin (People's Republic of China)
  • Wuhan (People's Republic of China)
  • Xiamen (People's Republic of China)
  • Plzen (Czechia)
  • Odense (Denmark)
  • Balti (Moldova)
  • Constanta (Moldova)
  • Turkmenabad (Turkmenistan)
  • Sousse (Tunisia)
  • Volgograd (Russia)
  • Split (Croatia)
  • Mumbai (India)
  • Tel Aviv (Israel)
  • Bukhara (Uzbekistan)

Izmir City Center: Konak

Izmir city center is Konak. Konak district has a characteristic structure with Ottoman artifacts and the Kemeraltı bazaar and the Republic period artifacts. It is worth mentioning as a footnote that the architect of the building named Konak Pier in Konak is Gustave Eiffel, who is also the Eiffel Tower architect.

Konak Pier was designed Gustave Eiffel

Konak Pier was designed by Gustave Eiffel

On the other hand, Alsancak is a rare settlement located in the Izmir Metropolitan area and Konak district and extending along the Izmir Bay. If we say that the heart of nightlife beats here with its 3.2 km coastline, we would not be wrong. We will talk about this region's advantages, which are highly preferred by those looking for an Izmir daily flat or Izmir weekly rental apartment.

Accommodation in Alsancak

As I know from international travelers, a few choices come to the fore in their search for daily rental flats in Izmir. When I visit Izmir and if I decided to not stay with relatives, I have a favorite place. Fi-Homes offers İzmir günlük kiralık ev. that are cute, functional, and well located.

The business owner of the Fi-Homes is a security systems company (güvenlik kamera sistemleri) in İzmir. The company provides live alarm monitoring center service. In other words, Fi-homes not only a good place for accommodation but also a secure place to stay.

Looking for a luxury flat for rent in Izmir

City travelers, which we can call high-budget, often demand expensive hotels in the Kordon area or Izmir residence rental options. The number of daily rental homes in Izmir Alsancak is limited. Therefore, the demand cannot be met from time to time, it is possible to encounter exorbitant prices.

Alsancak Daily Rental House Seekers

We can say that the searches of young people, business people who come for business and finding time to have fun, those who travel a lot and tourists are primarily under this category. Demands, on the other hand, can vary. For example, single young people prefer Alsancak for a daily hostel. At the same time, those who come as a couple can choose Alsancak apart options.

Whichever preference he/she chooses, those who receive daily rental home service in Alsancak will have some advantages due to this region. So we must talk about these advantages.

Advantages of Alsancak Daily Rental House

If you are looking for a daily rental house in Izmir, Alsancak is the perfect fit for you. Let's come to the reasons behind the choices of Alsancak every day rental house residents:

Central Location

Since Alsancak is located in a very central point, you can quickly go to many places by land. It is the second stop of many public transportation buses.

Also, the historical Alsancak Train Station is located here. It is currently one of the stops of the light rail train services called İZBAN. Therefore, it is the most convenient public transportation for traveling between the south and north axis of Izmir. You can easily reach the districts of Karşıyaka, Bostanlı, Aliağa, and Menemen in the north and districts such as Buca and Gaziemir in the south.

You can easily travel to and from Alsancak without transferring directly from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport with IZBAN.

You will also have another way of going from the airport to the city center with a hisghest standards. People who prefer a fast and hassle-free transportation also choose private transfer option. By doing that, you can easily go from İzmir airport to city center with a plausible price. You can also use private transfers to go from the airport to touristic places. For more details: İzmir airport to alacati taxi

In short, for those who will prefer the airline while coming or going to the city, transportation between İZBAN airport and Alsancak daily rental house will be provided very quickly.

If transportation is a priority for you, the daily flat you will rent in Alsancak will be the right decision.

A Huge Green Park in the City Center: Kültürpark

When you decide on the option of a daily rental house in Alsancak, you will be neighbor to a park where you can breathe and in the city center, Kültürpark.

Kültürpark is a vast building built on an area of ​​420,000 square meters.

Chile is the area. Such places are rare in city centers due to the high cost of land. Because the separation of such large regions for commercial activities will create an economic advantage.

The area that was destroyed after the 1922 Izmir Fire was turned into a park. 3.4

It looks like Central Park in New York because it is in the city center and on a large scale.

When you choose to stay in Alsancak for your daily rental, you will be a neighbor to Kültürpark.

Activities You Can Do in Kültürpark

  • You can visit the Halicarnassus Fishery Plant, which consists of plants planted by the writer Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı, known as Halikarnas Fisherman and mentioned in his books.

  • You can see 133 different plant species in Kültürpark.

  • You can see the lake around the Ada Gazinosu, which consists of debris from the fire, and visit it with water bikes.

  • You have the opportunity to see many plays in this area, which hosts various theater and art centers.

  • You can jump from the parachute tower, which is one of the symbols of Kültürpark.

Kültürpark also hosts an amusement park for travelers with children.

Heart of Izmir Nightlife Alsancak

When you keep your daily rental house in the Alsancak region, you will be a neighbor to the heart of Izmir nightlife.

Suppose we need to crown it with a few examples, for example. In that case, Kıbrıs Şehitleri Street is one of the most famous pedestrian streets in Izmir and Alsancak. This street, which has only one road between İzmir Kordonboyu and runs parallel to the sea, is one of the city's most frequented points.

There are restaurants, cafes, bars, bookstores, and shopping stores on and around Kıbrıs Şehitleri Caddesi. Besides, Muzaffer İzgü Street and Gazi Kadinlar Street, which are home to popular nightclubs and taverns, are also among the avenue's famous streets.

Also, there are various bars, pubs, and entertainment venues in the Kordonbound area. These places overlooking the Gulf of Izmir are frequently visited during the day as well as at night. Izmir is Turkey's west the sunset, primarily due to the presence here today, we encourage you to watch.

This area, which will be within walking distance to your daily rental house in Alsancak, is the most popular point of Izmir.

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