Is it Safe to Travel through Istanbul Airport?


Because of the global corona-virus epidemic, global measures are taken to higher levels. For this purpose, I tried to clarify this issue, which is wondered by those who are thinking of coming to Istanbul. I tried to answer the question of "Is it safe to travel through Istanbul airport".

Because airport and terminals are only a small part of any travel, being safe shouldn't mean anything in itself. You should also keep your distance after leaving the terminal building. Moreover, transfer from Istanbul airport is another challenging.

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Before Istanbul Airport, I should explain some criteria among the global aviation.

Human behaviour is the most influential factor for spreading COVID-19 virus. Therefore, it is essential to keep being attentive.

Global coroavirus aviation standards

What are the Global Standards for International Airports?

Airports Council International, ACI, is the only global trade representative of the world’s airports and they announced the international airports who accredited their health programme. The programme promotes the maintains of safe and hygienic facilities.

Cleaning and disinfection, physical distancing, staff protection, physical layout, passenger communications and passenger facilities are included by subject.

Also, terminal access, check-in areas, security screening, boarding gates, lounges, retail, food and beverages, gate equipment such as boarding bridges, escalators and elevators, border control areas and facilities (in collaboration with authorities), baggage claim area and arrivals exit zones are included by region.

Which Airports in Turkey are Safe to Travel?

According to AIC, there are nearly 300 airports in the world are accredited to their health programme. From Turkey, those airports are on the list of Airports Council International:

  • New Istanbul Airport
  • Ankara Esenboga Airport
  • Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport
  • Milas-Bodrum Airport
  • Antalya Airport
  • Alanya Gazipasa Airport

You can see the official airport list of Airports Council International below.

Istanbul airport precautions

Is it Safe to Travel through Istanbul Airport?

It seems that precautions taken against spreading COVID-19 in Istanbul airport not only follows the international standards but also improve it with their implementations. Because Istanbul Airport is relatively new airport, this situation provides flexibility. Istanbul airport test center is allocated for COVID-19 related tests.

  • All passengers must wear masks both in the terminal building and in the area.
  • Contactless security measures were taken in security control areas.
  • Body temperatures of all passengers are controlled by thermal cameras.
  • All passenger baggage passing through X-Ray is sterilized with ultraviolet.
  • Hand sterilization fluids are available in all areas open to passengers.
  • Terminal buildings are sterilized by autonomous robots and UV light.
  • Social distance is constantly reminded with informative signs.
  • 24/7 fresh air circulation is provided to the terminal.
  • Passenger buses in the area are disinfected after each use.
  • It established a test center with a 5000 m ^ 2 area and a capacity of 10,000 tests per day.
  • PCR, Antibody and Antigen tests are performed 24/7 at Istanbul airport. You can pay by credit card or cash for these tests, where you can get results quickly.
  • You can quickly get the results of PCR, Antibody and Antigen tests performed in these centers.

Istanbul airport covid test center

Where is Istanbul Airport Corona-virus Test Center?

The test center is located at the exit gate number 14 "Arriving Passenger".

How to test against Corona-virus in Istanbul Airport?

Here are the Istanbul Airport PCR Test Procedure: If you want to be a Covid-19 PCR test, you can follow the steps below.

  • Click the "I want to test" button to get a sequence number.
  • Make the test payment by credit card or cash.
  • Get your barcode.
  • Go to the test taking section and give your test sample.
  • If you want to know the result of your test immediately, press the relevant button.

We might say that it is safe to travel through Istanbul airport. However, the unique context and precautions listed above only makes the airport safe. It is your responsibility to answer the question of "Is Istanbul airport safe to travel?". If you decided to arrive Istanbul airport and you didn't decide which transportation you will use, I recommend you Transfer Expert for your airport pick-up and private transfer need..

Airport list which are accredited to ACI programme


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