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Awesome Free Design Resources and Graphic Design Tools19 min read

Şubat 3, 2021 17 min read

Awesome Free Design Resources and Graphic Design Tools19 min read

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The collections of free design resources and graphic design tools. I listed many graphic design resources that make it possible to generate and create useful graphics.

The importance of free graphic design resources cannot be overstated. In today’s world of too much information, too little time, and competition, knowing where to get inspiration for your next project and how to use it effectively is essential.

These will be useful for anyone from creative beginners to experienced web designers looking for new and unique designs to add to their portfolios or businesses without having to spend a lot of time looking for them.

A growing list of free design tools

I regularly update the list of free design resources and graphic design tools. Therefore, it is better to save it and check later. Also, you could check the copywriting tools below.

As a freelancer, I regularly save the links that I think might be useful. Thanks to this constant and steady habit, I saved thousands of bookmarks related to design & development over the years. I will share my free design resources and graphic design tools collection. You’ll find a bunch of free and freemium tools that will make your design process more straightforward.

Free Design Resources Part I – Generator Apps

These tools generate design resources for you. They are simple tools but generate effective patterns and code. Those are free design resources that you can tweak and use them.

Snowflake Generator

Mesh Gradients Collection

3D Image Transformer

An Image transformer tool. You can rotate on the X, Y, and Z-axis, add perspective, and zoom.

Wicked: Background SVG Generator

A background SVG generator.

Poet: Tweet Images

Create awesome images from tweets.

Image Comparison Tool

An image comparison tool.

Glass UI

A free CSS generator based on the glassmorphism design specifications to quickly design and customize the style properties.


This web app allows you to easily create social media posts mockups.

Brush Ninja

An animated GIF creator.


A fun way to create a relatively customizable SVG blob.


Haikei is a suite of freemium design resource generators.

Duotone Generator

Generate awesome duotone graphics.

Material Design Icon Generator

Shotsnap Mockups

Headline & Title Generator


TryShape allows you to get pre-made SVG shapes.

3D Globe Generator

CSS Filter Generator

3D Iphone Mock Generator

Noise Generator

CSS & SVG Filter

Advanced Blog Generator

CSS Shapes

Pre-made shapes that is completely written by CSS code.


Easily copy and paste the CSS animations.

Text Column Generator

Split your text through columns by CSS.

Text Shadow CSS Generator

Pre-made text shadows from Mixfont. Easily copy and paste the CSS code.

Text Shadow Generator

Clip Path Generator

Easily create a clip-path with this free design generator from Uplabs.

CSS Stripes Generator

SVG Shape

A simple SVG shape generator with minimal options.

Animated Header

This advanced tool provides animated headers with rich customization options.

Glassmorphism Generator

I personally didn’t like neuromorphic so much. However, this year’s trend is awesome. Probably, you are familiar with it. Here is the glassmorphism generator that produces CSS.

Get Waves

Get Waves is a web app that produces wave patterns in SVG format. Thus, you can manipulate them easily.

SVG Waves

Another generator that produces wave patterns in SVG or PNG formats.

Faux Code Generator

This app requires a link to any GitHub gist. When you provide the source code, the web app transforms it into faux code graphics.

Neumorphism CSS Generator

This web app allows you to create neumorphism CSS code that you tweak visually.

Soft UI

Another free design resource that makes it possible to build neuromorphic style code.

Glitch Art

The glitch art generator produces glitch patterns.

Fancy Border Generator

This online design resource allows you to make custom shape borders.

This design resource actually a suit. It consists of many design generator that is produced by machine learning algorithms. Gradients, color scales, Voronoi, and bootstrap color palette generator.

Material Shadow

It allows you to add shadows to your icons. You can also select predefined material icons.

Technology Bullshit Generator

If you need flashy words, then this app makes it for you. It creates a flashy but bullshit word generator.


Squircley generates a shape neither square nor circle. You can tweak it as you want.

Shape Divider

It divides the shape 🙂 You realized that some kinds of divided shapes is well suited on landing pages. You can do that kind of shape with this design resource.


Decorative blob generator tool.

Omatsuri Suite

Omatsuri is not a single graphic design tool. It is actually a free design resources suit. You can find many useful graphic design resources such as triangle generators, wave generators, color shades, and color palette generators.

Blog Cover Generator

Easy blog post cover generator.


A pattern generator.


Yet another pattern generator


Doodle with generated patterns.

BG Jar

Very useful background pattern generator which can export your design in various formats such as CSS, SVG, or PNG.

PixelTrue Animated Background Generators

A free animate generator in various AI, SVG, PNG, MP4, and GIF formats.

PixelTrue Animated Illustrations

Another animated free design resource from PixelTrue.


A flowchart diagrams generator.

Free Design Resources Part II – Visual Content Creation Tools

The list of graphic design tools allows you to create awesome graphics for many platforms. Perfect for those who don’t know graphic design but need it regularly. Cover images for your blog posts, customizable ready-made graphics templates for your social media posts, etc.

There are a lot of free image editing tools out there. Some offer advanced editing features and others are more casual apps. But if you’re looking for a basic set of image editing tools that can help you get your job done, then here are some of our favorites.

Maybe you are creating not only visual content but also written content. Then you will love the tools that are mentioned in the awesome content creation tools.


Canva is the most popular and the most used graphic content creations site. It has both free and premium plans. If you need quick visual content Canva is one of the best design resources. Also, if you are a student, you can apply for the Github Student program. By doing this, you’ll have many free opportunities for paid apps. Canva is one of those apps. When you are accepted to the student program, you’ll get a 1-year premium Canva account. I also wrote how to do it in Turkish: Ücretsiz Canva Pro Hesabı.


Easil is another Canva alternative that has limited features for the free plan.


Visme is an online tool that allows you to easily create infographics. Those are very useful for visual explanations and building backlinks.


Glorify is a Canva-like tool that specifically creates graphics for different platforms such as Product Hunt, Shopify, Fiver, etc…

Polotno Studio

Polotno Studio allows you to edit your graphics.


Projector is also another free graphic template design tool.


Taler is a relatively new tool comparing with other free design resources. It is also powered by the e-commerce platform Shopify.


It is a very limited graphic design tool. Only 5 design downloads are permitted.


I personally like the illustration of Artify. Once in a while, It does not respond. However, It is now working. I should also mention that attribution is required.

Design AI

Design AI is another Canva alternative platform that has speech and video maker features.


Make awesome animated mockups. You can export your designs in 720p for free. (Attribution required)


Infogram is another tool that allows you to create visual stories with data.


Genially is a bit different tool other than the rest of the category. You can create interactive content and presentations with Genially.


Creatopy is another graphics design app that is very similar to Canva.

Free Design Resources Part III – Prototyping and Graphic Editing Tools


Figma is awesome. It is a sketch alternative. Moreover, It is boosted by Web-Assembly technology that makes it possible to do this stuff on your browser. It is great for teams and freelancers. It also allows you to graphically edit React components. In this way, Framer is a unique design tool.

A Photoshop alternative: Photopea

Photopea is one of my favorite tools. It is a minified version of photoshop and it is working on a browser. Try this Photoshop alternative.


Penpot is an open-source free prototyping and design tool that is currently at alpha stage.


Framer stands out with its mobile and interaction prototype development. It has web version as long as MacOS versions. React developers may know Framer Motion library which is the product of Framer.


Lunacy is a desktop software created by Icons8. Because of the creator company, it has built-in assets. Currently only available for Windows.


One of the best tools of 2020. Spline allows you to create 3D geometry. Moreover, It has Linux support.

Free Design Resources IV – Design System Tools


Supernova allows the whole team to collaborate using the tools they love to deliver products faster. Manage and share design systems coherently across design and code to a degree never seen before.

Toolabs Design System

Toolabs is an intuitive tool that allows you to create your design system and export it with various formats such as CSS, JSON, etc. Also, It creates a web page for your design system that you can access and share easily.


Frontify actually is more than a design system tool. It is a complete brand design suite. It has a free plan for freelancers. You can create your design guideline and design system. Frontify also allows you to create a web page to access and share your guideline. Moreover, you can develop and design a user-interface component and share the code easily. A sample guideline page can be seen below:


Tokens are great when the case designs. Diez is a tool that is specialized in creating design tokens.


You can create your design guidelines with Zeroheight and make it a single source of truth. Because it includes both design and code assets, communication with designers and developers becomes less problematic.

Free Design Resources V – Miscellaneous


A presentation tool that allows for collaborative works.

Dopely Colors

Dopey has many tools for colors.

Runway ML

This tool is literally amazing. However, it has a steep learning curve because Runway has many features that use machine learning.

Design Lobby

It is a nice-looking asset manager. You can deploy your design assets such as typefaces, icons, images, and colors, currently in a beta phase.


Squoosh is a one-page web app that is the easiest way to compress images. As we know, Google stated that fast opening is an important factor when ranking websites. Therefore, image compression is a must for websites that are aiming to rank higher. Considering the situation, Squoosh is an important free design resource.

Scrollbar Designer

Design your page’s scrollbar. It should also be noted that it doesn’t work on Firefox. You can accomplish it via JavaScript.

I hope you like the free design resources and graphic design tools. This is a growing list. Therefore, it is better to come back later.

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